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Our team members have valuable experience in development, redevelopment, leasing and finance. Collectively, our team has led the development or redevelopment of more than 60 shopping centers, totaling approximately 7,000,000 square feet. 

In addition to a diverse professional background, our talented team applies a unique blend of creativity and dedication to the execution of our shared vision.

Our Relationships

Meridian Realty Capital represents an exceptional combination of the vision, experience and industry relationships necessary to successfully create and enhance value in commercial real estate properties.  

Our efforts are focused on shopping centers, mixed-use projects and other real estate projects. Key components of our growth strategy include:

• Equity creation through new development

• Identification of key acquisition opportunities

• Enhancing value through strategic management of our assets


The essential element of our success is our ability to develop and foster strong relationships with a wide range of partners from land owners and local governments to tenants and financial institutions. 

Meridian is committed to building these key relationships and providing superior results that will:

• Meet or exceed the financial expectations of our partners and investors

• Provide key locations for retailers and other businesses

• Enhance the communities where our properties are located

• Contribute to the success of our vendors, contractors and suppliers

Our Experience

Our Vision

Our Experience

Our Vision

Envision. Execute. Fulfill.